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*Redshirts* episode 2 is up..but not on NG

2013-12-04 17:27:15 by Goeliath

Yep. So I said that I'd be done making long flash animations after the first Redshirts? well, this one turns out is 3 minutes longer. or 4. One of those... and due to size constraints is too big to upload here on NG. I'll try to figure something out, but for now you'll just have to visit DA to see it.

Also, found a shitty looking steam game called "Redshirts" or something. Got pissed. Punched a kitten. Still pissed. Although I still beat them to the idea! so i did it first!

Voice Actors needed!

2013-04-26 23:36:23 by Goeliath

I'm back from the army and beginning to get to work on new animations.I NEED VOICE ACTORS!!

I'm starting back up "The Redshirts" For those of you who are not familiar, look it up on my page. It's a silly little series based on all of the guys who are there in movies and games just so they can get killed. However, I am rethinking my approach to this animation as the length of the 1st one killed my enthusiasm for animating it.

I have a script written out and need people who are interested in voicing a character. Keep in mind, many characters will die off right away or get very little screentime, (after all, its about the cannon fodder) However, there's the big roles that I'm trying to fill in. If you're a star wars fan, then you'll love this episode and feel free to give it a shot. I'd at least like a demo of your talents before giving you a role.

For demos, be as silly or as serious as you want, it's a comedy after all...

Also, this isn't relevant as of now, but I am starting up a larger project called "The Colonists" That WILL require a shitton of voices, but as I'm still making the script I do not require any VA's for it at this moment, just keep it in mind.

Important Updates!!!

2012-08-24 23:53:56 by Goeliath

Wednesday August 22nd I depart on about a 2 month long basic training trip. All animations are on pause until then. Any voice actors looking to get roles should turn their demos into me as soon as possible for roles in future animation.

Also an update on redshirts:
The new script will be in the form of a comic that I will email it to the actors with each of their different roles highlighted. That way, actors can see what expressions their characters are making and how to match their voices with it. This has nothing to do with the actual Voice actors to be honest, I just like to draw, and it makes things easier on me to do as I'm most creative when I'm drawing, not writing.

Second: THE NEW SERIES: "The Colonists" is something that i will be making. They will be a series of long, serious (not funny) animations depicting my sci-fi thoughts of Humanity in the distant future. Each animation will be set at a different point along the timeline of the story (in order! so nobody gets confused on anything.) Set in the time-span of AD 2773-2800. Starting with 'first contact' incident on Planet IPN 47-59. I literally will need a LOT of voice actors to fill the MANY roles. This is a project that will be worked on as best i can when I'm not busy with the redshirts.
I will try uploading some character sketches of the Human side of the story. The what the Aliens look like is to remain a secret only known to the actors playing the roles and myself. I have not released anything about this series except the two animations which don't reveal anything except events leading up to the starting date. I might do some quick animations about certain characters, but for now thats all you'll get to know.

I AM LOOKING FOR FELLOW ARTISTS TO HELP ME IN CREATING BACKGROUNDS. I hate doing it. Absolutely HATE creating backgrounds when i could be animating! If you're good at it and want in on this please do not HESITATE to contact me.

If you want more information or would like to audition, contact me before August 22nd and show me a demo. Or wait until the 2 months are up and I return from basic.

Voice actors wanted

2011-02-16 19:03:55 by Goeliath

I am currently working on a project that will require a good sum of voice actors. Its called "The Redshirts" and there is a trailer on my profile if anyone wants to know what its about.

If anyone is interested in voice acting for the series, PM me.
Additional artist are welcome as well.


2010-07-28 17:09:10 by Goeliath

okay, im getting to work on a bunch of animations. Theres a lot to do, i've got so many ideas, and its just a lot of work. Well, anyway just some updates.

*edit: Okay, well apparently i cant upload any icons for my animations. dissapointing. It might just b my computer.

*edit* Need voice actors and artists for new series "Redshirts"

next flash

2010-02-18 00:22:45 by Goeliath

working on a new flash, something of a promo, but it will be one of the very few flashes that are "tests", im also going to see if i can work on the whole loop thing, it kinda annoys me too.

More about flash to be released soon