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*Redshirts* episode 2 is up..but not on NG

2013-12-04 17:27:15 by Goeliath

Yep. So I said that I'd be done making long flash animations after the first Redshirts? well, this one turns out is 3 minutes longer. or 4. One of those... and due to size constraints is too big to upload here on NG. I'll try to figure something out, but for now you'll just have to visit DA to see it.

Also, found a shitty looking steam game called "Redshirts" or something. Got pissed. Punched a kitten. Still pissed. Although I still beat them to the idea! so i did it first!


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2013-12-04 17:33:02

These file size constraints are really preventing Newgrounds from being a modern website. We just finally got image file sizes above 200KB. We should have got that years ago.

Hopefully the Newspost GUI change is signalling a bigger change on NG.

Goeliath responds:

Its retarded. when did they add the constraints? I know for a fact theres some long ass animations up here.. (like afrca dudes, yes i remember it)


2013-12-04 17:53:22

To get your high MB animations up you need to talk directly to Tom Fulp about uploading it. The constraints were originally put there because the servers were terrible and they needed to save bandwidth. I guess Newgrounds has either lost a tremendous amount of traffic or they are getting better servers.

Goeliath responds:

ugh, guess im gonna have to talk to tom fulp then.